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Easy configuration with ECE

To modify the configuration of a package or the whole server the ECE (eisfair configuration editor) can be used.

The ECE does the following:

  • read and check the configuration files of the eisfair packages
  • visualize the dependencies inside of the configuration and hide options which are not useable depending on other settings
  • allow easy enhancement on lists
  • prevent wrong input by on the fly checks of the entered values
  • provide a context sensitive help for every option
  • official includet since version 1.1.0 of the base system
The ECE - this example shows the configuration of the BIND9-DNS service

CUI menu

As an alternative to the number based menu eisfair provides a CUI based menu system. The features of this menu are as follows:

  • automatically scrolling if the menu does not fit to the screen size
  • access of the menu entries with the cursor keys
  • entering of numbers like on the old menu style possible too
  • written in a high level language which increases the execution speed sensible
  • individual color settings possible like the well known "mc style"
  • available since base 1.2.0
CUI menu