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Update to eisfair 1.8.2 released

2012-03-31 11:50 Il y a : 11 années
Categorie : eisfair, Release
Auteur : Yves Schumann

The eisfair base update to version 1.8.2 is available for download

 Global changes:

- New features:

    - /var/install/bin/package-search,
      Change handling from install-package to use with
      search index.txt.
    - /var/install/bin/get-index,
      New scripts to handle index search.
    - /var/install/config.d/url.sh,
      New scripts to handle config URL.
    - /var/install/bin/get-url:
      Adedd as new.
    - /var/install/menu/setup.packages.menu:
      Adedd logfileview menu.
    - /var/install/dialog.d/URL_PRIORITY_CUI.sh:
      New dialog file

- Bugfixes/corrections:

    - /usr/local/bin/wget.sh:
      Adedd '--spider' handling too.
      Fix handling with -P.
    - /var/install/bin/show-menu:
      Added new error code.
    - /var/install/bin/update-systemfiles:
      Prevent error messages if no files are found.
    - /var/install/bin/install-local-package:
      Point to local index.txt file instead of file from
      pack-eis to prevent unresolvable package references.
    - /var/install/bin/ask:
      Rewrite color options, to compatibilty with mecho and techo.

Changes for eisfair-1:

- New features:

    - Update ntfs-3g version 2011.4.12 to 2012.1.15
    - Update libssl version 1.0.0h, if not installed.

- Bugfixes/corrections:

    - /var/install/config.d/cron.sh:
      Remove '~' backupfile before build crontabfile

Changes for eisfair-2 and/or eisxen-1:

- New features:

    - improve hvm domU handling.
    - add functionality to create hvm domUs via setup menu
    - add domU config options for vcpus and localtime
    - add template update menu
    - optimised fli4l handling
    - all scripts now support new ask, techo and mecho syntax

- Bugfixes/corrections:

    - fix DHCP files owner
    - /var/install/menu/setup.meu:
      Added user handling for eisxen again
    - update libssl to version 0.9.8g-4ubuntu3.15