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eisfair newsgroups and their rules

You can get the whole project for free but whats the catch? The equivalent part is at least to read the documentation.

The newsgroup was created to talk with other eisfair users. The topics there covers everything around the server system, the experiences, opinions, problems and so on. But be sure you have read the documentation and the HowTo's before asking questions. If the documentation not solves your problem, then you're right at the newsgroup.

The newsgroups of eisfair are private newsgroups and the they are hosted at SPLINE in Berlin, Germany. The main language is german but actually there are no english speaking newsgroup for eisfair. So feel free to ask there and we will do our best to help you to solve your problem. They are available through a lot of (german) providers like or There are fixed rules in these newsgroups. Fundamental is the usage of the common Usednet rules. But because of the private status of these newsgroups and that they should not be moderated every user has to accept the following:

  • Posting only with full name. This means with first and last name in the From field.
  • Usage of Reply-To able email addresses. The senders address must be a email address which is able to receive reply emails. That means that this email address must be a email address of the author of the posting. Please do not tamper the email address like . Such addresses are not accepted.

If you ignore these rules you will probably ignored in the newsgroup.

Which Posting belongs where?

To get a answer for this question the overview of the relevant newsgroup at the SPLINE newsserver is useful: news://

[Translate to English:] Forum - Beiträge lesen/schreiben mit dem Web-Browser

[Translate to English:] Alle Newsgruppen werden in ein Forum gespiegelt/syncronisiert.

Das Forum ist unter aufrufbar.

Hinweis zu den Nutzeraccounts im Forum:

  • es wird automatisch für jeden Poster in den Newsgroups ein Nutzeraccount im Forum erstellt.
  • jeder Nutzer kann im Forum sein Passwort selber setzen - Voraussetzung ist das dem Nutzeraccount eine funktionsfähige Mail-Adresse zugeordnet ist. Sollte dies nicht der Fall sein, kann der Forums-Support kontaktiert werden.

What is post, ratios called and as goes it?

If you're new on newsgroups you should read the following page: Sorry, it's actually a german page. English page is coming soon...

For additional information such as the used abbreviations take a look here:

Which newsgroup is archived?

The following newsgroups are available for download to read them offline:

Send from: Statement, Quoting, etc. aka "posting"

  • Please write only ASCII text. This is readable at every system. Disable HTML and use no MIME encoding!
    • Special hint for Outlook users: Activate international settings! You can find these options at Outlook2000 through Tools -> Options -> E-Mail Format -> International Options. Activate the setting "Englische Kopfzeilen beim Antworten auf Nachrichten..." with the checkbox at this row.
    • For Outlook Express activate international settings through Tools -> Options -> Send -> International Settings. For further information please read here: Outlook Express FAQ and
    • Netscape-User: Please read here how to solve some bugs:
  • Absolutely no Attachments in the NG!
  • Signatures as short as possible, no business cards. Please separate the sig with '-- ' from the posting. Attention, there is a space!
  • Please give background information with your questions! This is for instance the used hardware or the exact version number of the installed packages. If you post a configuration so remove the comments and - very important - your passwords! So only the relevant parts out of the files from /etc/config.d/*.txt without any passwords are neccessary.
  • Please use X-Post (Crosspost) and F'up (Follow-Up) if a thread in a group leaves the original topic. You can see more about this here: or here.

Answers and quoting

  • We assume that everybody who wants to write postings here has dealed with the rules and background informations for newsgroups
  • Some more links for this:
  • It is not quite nice to write ToFu. This is a german abbreviation which stands for "Text oben, Fullquote unten" which means, that the text from the author of a posting is written on top and the content of the posting before is below the new text. This is a bad style which is not easy to read and to understand. With this the logical bonding of the postings is broken and a redundant scrolling through other postings is neccessary.
  • Please quote not the whole text! Just the parts which you refer with your posting.
  • Name the spoken person at first ("Hello Tom,"), then a short quote with  ">" in front of the lines and after that your own statement. As a conclusion a greeting would be nice ("Yous, Silke").
    The ">" on the first position on the lines of quoted text can be done automatically by most mail- or news-programs. Of course for every line of text again. Please disable the quotation with initials (especially if you use "The Bat!").


  • Please remember: Support, help and advise is given voluntarily. Everybody does this in his/her spare time and nobody has special training on support. Because of this everybody can give advice, amateur and professional side by side. Good intention is wanted! Not every question is carefully worded, not every advice is useful. Somebody who given good advices can be out of office or at holidays tomorrow. Thats it, you get what you pay for.
  • The project has a well formed home page, a visit there is a must: The first help can be found at the HotTo section. There are a lot of solutions for special cases. Please take a look there before asking questions. And the most important thing to do: Read the Documentation!
  • Please let us know if you have suggestions or critique. If something goes wrong you should appologize, thats common practice.

The eisfair team

Please send sentiments, suggestions and criticism to Nicole Hornung.